Configure the Outlook native phishing button

By default, Riot grants you an exotic dedicated email address for your cybersecurity hotline. To make your hotline useful, you can configure Outlook native phishing button. You will need the admin rights to do it though.

1. Create a new contact

First, we’re going to create a new contact linked to the exotic email address. To do that, go on Microsoft admin panel and create a new contact.

Name your new contact and fill the email address field with your attributed email address.

Check the box to hide it from the address list, and then click on Add.

2. Create a distribution group

Since Microsoft only allows you to send phishing notifications to addresses within your organisation, let's create a distribution group that will send the message to Riot.

Set name and description as you like.

Assign yourself as the group owner

Add our previously created contact Riot Threats Report as group member

Choose an email address for the group and tick the box below.

3. Configure Outlook to use the new distribution group

Open Settings > Email & collaboration > User reported settings in Microsoft Defender.

Scroll down and select send reported messages to Microsoft and my reporting mailbox.

Paste the address of the distribution group we created above.