taught by doing

Ensure your team is ready for phishing attacks
by running real-life exercises.

Designed to outperform cybersecurity compliance requirements

Evaluate the vulnerability of your team

Run a phishing drill to discover how your team would react when facing a phishing attack — while giving your employees the opportunity to practice in a safe environment.

Simulate any phishing attacks

Over the past few years, phishing has evolved from spray-and-pray scams to highly-targeted attacks. Riot catalogue includes a vast variety of scenarios, including spear phishing and CEO fraud.

Watch the improvements from day one

Because phishing is an ever-changing threat, educating your team can’t be a one-time exercise. Keep your employees on their toes by running phishing simulation all year long — while you track the improvements.

“Humans remain the most important vulnerability. Many data breaches start with a compromised account from one of your employees.”
Riot automatically educates your team
per employee monthly
  • All year long phishing-ready
  • 30+ phishing exercises
  • Watch the improvements
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Simulation + Awareness
Get even safer
  • Remedial phishing course
  • Hackers-proof employees
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