June 2024

‘There’s No Blah Blah’ – How InfoLogo Protects SMEs with Focused Cybersecurity Training

Benjamin Netter CEO Riot
Benjamin Netter

These days, we seem to have less time than ever – and fraudsters know it, using moments of distraction to scam us. That’s why managed service providers like InfoLogo need to deliver focused cybersecurity awareness training to help their customers stay safe.

So, how does InfoLogo protect their customers from phishing, data breaches, and other threats? For Bertrand Carcel, InfoLogo Director, and Yves Chardonnens Cook, FFPC Foundation Director, it’s about offering training experiences people actually enjoy.

Helping SMEs stay safe from daily cyber attacks

According to Yves, the risk of cyber attacks couldn’t be more serious for InfoLogo and its clients. “These scams are the evil of the century. Not a day goes by without one of our customers facing a cyber attack.”

As Bertrand explains, scammers aren’t just targeting big companies. “At InfoLogo, our customers are usually companies with between 20 and 100 employees. We manage all their IT and cybersecurity needs, including finding a training and awareness solution that suits those needs and keeps them secure.”

This search led Bertrand and Yves to Riot. “Riot’s solution really suits our SME clientele,” says Bertrand. “It was very easy to work with them right from the start. It’s a very dynamic startup, and we found a really close relationship.”

One solution that made a big difference for InfoLogo’s SME customer base? Combining tailored phishing simulations with focused, hands-on awareness training.

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Combining phishing simulations with practical training

“With Riot, we have two major modules,” says Bertrand. “We have an attack simulation module, where we can draw from a library of pre-configured phishing emails. Then, there’s the second module focusing on raising awareness and training people.”

For Yves, the true value of this training lies in its impact. “There’s no blah, blah, blah. The sessions are extremely simple, fast, and concise. It’s focused and hyper-practical, and takes no more than five minutes per session.” For busy teams, this makes a big difference.

Riot cybersecurity training

As Bertrand says, even if InfoLogo’s clients don’t understand their training needs at first, Riot’s simulations help them to see where they may be vulnerable. “Eventually, our customers realize they’re at risk, since their employees have very often, unfortunately, been tricked.”

For InfoLogo and its clients, this two-part combination is making a real impact.

Fighting scams with critical thinking and increased vigilance

“Since we’ve been using Riot, our team’s critical thinking has improved,” says Yves. “Now, we question the relevance of the senders and messages we receive, and we analyze them much more closely.” This increased vigilance is a big win, especially when scammers are finding new ways to target us every day.

But as Bertrand notes, there’s still more work to do. “It’s really important for us to continue to support our SME customers. So, we’re going to continue to make them more aware of cybersecurity. The idea is to eventually cover all the people we work with.”

Riot is helping 1,000+ companies, including InfoLogo, to stay safe in the face of phishing attacks, data breaches, and other threats. We do this with our cybersecurity coach Albert, who delivers immersive training in quick, impactful sessions people actually enjoy.

Keen to learn more about how Riot can help your team stay safe in the face of today’s biggest cyber threats? Talk to one of our experts today.