Create an alias on Google

By default, Riot grants you an exotic dedicated email address for your cybersecurity hotline. To make your hotline useful, you want to create an alias that is easy to remember for your employees. Good news: it’s actually as easy as creating a new group on Google Workspace, and adding the exotic email address to it.

1. Create the group

First, let’s create a new group. Open the Groups page on your Google Workspace administration to create it.

Open Google Workspace →

Then, click on the Create group button.

Name the group Cybersecurity hotline for example, and pick the group email address. This is the email address your team will use to reach out to the cybersecurity hotline. We suggest using or

Once this is done, you can click the Next button. On the next step, pick the Team access type to limit the access to the team. If you want this hotline to be reached by external users as well, check the External + Publish posts box.

Then, below that, select Only invited users can join the group. Then click Next.

Once the group is created, it will suggest to add members to it. This is exactly what we’re going to do.

2. Add members to the group

Now that the group is created, all emails sent to the group email address will be sent to all the members of the group. That’s why we’re going to add your dedicated exotic email address created by Riot as a member of the group.

Once you entered the email address, click Add to group. Your alias should now be properly configured to be used by your team. Go back to Riot and set the newly created group email address in your Reporting module settings and spread the word.