List of Subprocessors

To provide access to the Riot Solution and deliver our Cybersecurity Services, Riot Security Inc. (“Riot Security”) may use third-party data processors (“Subprocessors”) to process personal data. Capitalized terms not defined on this page have the meanings ascribed to them by the terms set forth in our Terms & Conditions or the written agreement between you and Riot Security, as applicable (the “Agreement”).

As far as possible, personal data is processed within the European Union (EU)/European Economic Area (EEA). When personal data is transferred outside the EU/EEA and in the absence of an adequacy decision, Riot Security implements appropriate safeguards such as Standard Contractual Clauses.




Riot Security SAS

France (EU)


Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Irlande (EU)

Cloud storage

Slack Technologies, LLC (depending on the service used)

United States

Slack Authentication

Google, Inc. (depending on the service used)

United States

Gmail Authentication

Microsoft, Inc. (depending on the service used)

United States

Outlook Authentication

Intercom, Inc.

United States

Customer support

Twilio dba, Inc.

United States


FullStory, Inc.

United States

Session replay and analytics

Mailgun Technologies, Inc. (depending on the service used)

United States

Client emailing via MS Teams

Functional Software dba Sentry, Inc.

United States

Bug tracking platform

Temporal Technologies, Inc.

United States

Code monitoring

OpenAI OpCo, LLC

United States

Phishing email drafting via IA and chatbot

Datadog, Inc.

United States

Logging platform

Superlative Enterprises Pty Ltd.

United States

Breach detection

How to subscribe to updates?

You must subscribe to receive email notification of updates of any change or addition of a new Subprocessor that may be involved in processing personal data that you have entrusted us with. You can do so by sending an email at with the full name of the legal entity on whose behalf you are subscribing. By submitting this information, you represent that you have all necessary rights to provide this information to Riot Security.

How can current Riot Security clients object to a new Subprocessor?

If you are a current client, with a fully executed data processing agreement (“DPA”) in place with Riot Security, you may notify us of any objection to Riot Security’s use of a new Subprocessor by sending such objection to within fifteen (15) days after Riot Security’s notice of such new Subprocessor, or such other period of time as set forth in your DPA. Objections shall be handled as described in your DPA.